Poetry: Use By Eternity

you know you want to
it’s been sucking
you dry for eons

from the
well of your soul
and places
and things

drained it
out of commission
dry as bones
dead as Tut
I dare say
worse than


why?  because
you weren’t there
might as well
have been
with your resolve
and all that

just check the
directions again
see?  says
right there:
Use By Eternity

you bet
you’d rather
buy the box
or vase or plot
bury yourself deep

the worms really
won’t mind
it’s free dinner
to them
besides, easy
come easy go

what if you
just went ahead?
excuse me,
I’m taking it
back now, you’ve
messed it up

can’t even
recognize the
beginning from
the end anymore
thanks though
guess that’ll be it

Is that going
to be
a problem?

don’t know about
but I’m taking
a unicycle to
the universe
bought my helmet

it’s dangerous in
the Milky Way
but I’m sure
I still have
the map
I was given

me, myself and
are going
if you care
to join me

you’ll need your own damn unicycle

and for God’s
sake (or whomevers)
bring a helmet
cause it’s rough
going home
always is

but once you
the belt
smooth sailing
Self Avenue
Occupancy: One


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