Poetry: Torched

Warning!  Explicitly Suggestive Adult Imagination At Work

Oh!  Touch me kiss my trembling mouth
hotly breath and moan your intentions
all over me bite my neck extend for me
feel my rising raging urge sweat for me
release the confines of your femininity
as they rise and swell beneath my eager
clutches as you show me your affections
as you grasp me restless with abandon
your fervent urge your blazing hot reach
slide your misty soft  tongue all over me.

and I

and  I will pull you to me deeply gaze into
your smoldering eyes then swift and boldly
insistent roam your shivering and quivering
body glistening moistening trickling slow
at my arousal and so awaken you take you
strip your lace rip your lace place white hot
kisses into you onto you all over your depths
entrance you subjugate you hypnotize you
to my purpose my urgency my attentions.

and we

and we will soar be replete in this rapture
our longing our impatience this craving
this furious need scorching fiery torching
open yourself and take me grasp me break
me pull me tight and cling to me fall into
my adoring eyes and grip and pant groan
give yourself to me relinquish everything
tattoo your carnality onto my aching soul
shoot flames of lightning within without
rise into me hold steady heavy our breaths
this blaze this inferno this rampant fire
give me your finality hard clutch me as
you relinquish your insanity all over my
raging insistence and so spent these our
bodies ashes on the bed our torrid loving
inferred incurred exerted consumed expended.


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