Poetry: These Words

These words
tears from
my fingertips
the page
abject drop
they spill
and die.

Deep lacerations
never healing
they open
again and
these words
rip tear
they throb

Sad notions
within my
sorrowed mind
these words
are seeping
keeping me
entombed in
desolate anguish.

Forlorn emotions
bereft devotions
these words
chide me
deride me
reside in me
capitulation that
they are
irrelevant and
worthless and

Afflicted hopes
stain my soul
hues of
bright crimson
scarlet red
deep maroon
these words
paltry sums
of all
of my
worthless ideations.


  • I know these poems come from a place where there is profound pain, but to me they are so beautiful. You have a gift in your way with words, Rob. I genuinely enjoy reading what you write. With that said, stay strong (why am I saying that…you ARE strong) and know you always have a place of support with us. Hugs. 💙

    • thank you Phoebe. I don’t think I am any better or worse than most who bleed their hearts out on these pages. I thank you for your caring. You have been one of the ones who has never deviated from visiting me, showing me support, donating money, always having warm thoughts for me. I consider you a dear friend as if you and I were on the “streets” together. Bless you!

  • This is painfully beautiful.

    • thank you so much for reading and your kind comment

      • You are welcome. I love your expression. Hope the expressing is bringing some relief? There’s so much pain here.

      • yes, thank you. I have been avoiding writing of it, but I had to let some of it out. Thank you for asking, you are always so thoughtful and kind, it means a lot.

      • How generous you are! Thank you. And I’m glad it’s helping. I consider the WordPress community to be one of the greatest blessings in my life right now 🙂

      • I don’t know what I would do without all the support people like you have shown me since I have gotten out of jail. Not sure my sobriety would be all that present today. That’s all I’ve done since 6am! I have nowhere to go, everyone is on day passes. My “friends” on facebook don’t contact me. Only 1 of like 40 have even bothered to make a donation. More folks here that I’ve only known less than 2 months have given of their time, their words, their money. It’s sad in one way, uplifting in another. It’s time for new friends.

      • It’s interesting isn’t it? I’ve been a little surprised myself at how few of my close friends have shown little to no interest in my blogging. I’m married to a pastor and I think a lot of people have just always had me in this kind of ‘caretaker’ box, and it’s making them uncomfortable perhaps, that I’ve needed this outlet. I’m not sure. I’m trying hard not to overanalyse or judge too much. Maybe your friends are struggling to categorise you too, people just love doing that, whether it’s sub conscious or what…

      • who knows. That they never ask how I am doing says a lot about the depth of their “friendship.”

      • Yes, thats sad. I’m glad you have reached out though, I have a homeless friend who won’t let me help her because of the disdain she’s received from others. It’s tragic and frustrating. But I will find a way, will just have to get a little sneaky maybe 🙂

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