Poetry: Thanks Misgiving

Oh Thanks Misgiving!
I could fill volumes
of your treachery
of your faithlessness
of your debauchery .

Dad’s wine never
tasted better
on his bitter tongue
he never could
get it right
though I’m sure
he might see it
a different way.

And those lonely
college days
nowhere to go
no one to see
nothing to do
no one cared.

I remember

The one that
got away
won’t remember
won’t remember
all the bloody
words I cleaned
up that month.

Jack and me
head to toe in
powder until
the sun revealed
our lies
my biggest
mistake’s father
knew as he carved.

The street-walker
with her bag of

(I only wanted her stuff)

was more than
more than willing
to sort my affairs
while I surveyed
CVS for tinfoil
it was only a

Three more years
with alcohol’s
that cunt who
just had to do
as many jello
shots as possible
to finish her turkey.

And that’s just
10 years worth
(I’m 52)
of self-inflicted
gunshot wounds
to the body
to the heart
to the mind.

Oh Thanks Misgiving!
I think I’ll just
stay in this year
and eat peanut
butter and jelly
I’ve given
enough of me
to you.


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