Poetry: Skin To Skin

Poetry Skin to Skin

Poetry that I have written for my lovely wife, Rebecca. Presented today for the first time anywhere! Visit her blog at My Faces of Life

Can you feel me
watching you
from across
the room
from the shadows.

I see you
your absinthe eyes
smoky windows
your essence
in the dark
your form
body of my body

by a silent moon.

Come to me
bring me
your worlds
your divinities
your essence
that I may
protect them
bring me
your calamities
your tragedies
your heartaches
that I may
eviscerate them

cast them
into oblivion.

Embrace me
touch my body
feel how my
skin burns
for you
how my
heart pounds
for you
how I sweat
for you

cling to me
clutch me.

Let me taste you
taste your lips
upon mine
feel how they
for you
feel how our
escapes us
a hurricane
of need
of want
of desire
in our kiss

the sweet nectar
of our longing.

As the
crescent moon
casts his
jealous gaze
upon your
rapturous face
I am undone
as we tremble
skin to skin
panting sighing
pulling you
tightly to me
I think to myself

“Ik ben thuis, (I am home)
Ik ben thuis!” (I am home!)


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