Poetry: She’ll Never

Warning:  Sexually Explicit!

Hot lips touch
the rain’s din
we kiss and kiss
and kiss again.

Soft caress
under your dress
panties wet
press of flesh
moistened mesh.

Quiet moan
into my lips
my fingers
along your hips.

Tight embrace
face to face
eyes aflame
we dance
a  dance
a lover’s game.

Sweet the scent
upon your breast
passions spent
our bodies
writhe with
sweet unrest.

Swift my lunge
into you plunge
into your depths
shortened breaths.

Tightly pressing
tension drowned
fire’s blessing
soft the sound
gripping caressing.

I am within
I am without
we are our sin
we are devout
I am above
I am below
we are love
we ebb
we flow.


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