Poetry: Shawnee Vets

(for America’s original true Veterans)

Government of Kings
where shall you bide?
Now that the
Great Horned Serpent
has appeared while
Thunderbirds screech
and lament in
desolate skies?

Oh great people of
Our Grandmother!
Amass your island
conjure the Turtle
retreat upon the seas
of your origination.

Oh Yakwawi!
Hairless Bear Monster
safeguard them
as they retreat from
their once
inviolable ground!
Shield and embrace them
prevent their ruination.

The pelts of the
Exalted Buffalo
could never thwart
the wicked deeds
of your great peoples.

Vomit the rancid taste
of Poisoned Treaties
onto alien mud!
Rise and follow
Great Tecumesh:
Chief Shooting Star
as he defends your Tribe.

Oh the earthquake
that ravages you!
Disease and War
vanquishing you.
Kokumthena grieves
weeps over the
loss and dread…
the Wolf ever
undoing Her Eternal

Fear not, for you
will be swaddled in
Her Skeemotah
She will smite down
evil and wicked ones
you will come home
to her embrace.

Algonquin cries of
the razed and the raped
carried on the winds
of Sawage falling dead
as your bones
disintegrate and scatter
over once Holy Refuges.

Mishe Moneto saw
Cyclone Person cowered
Misignwa hid
in her forest of hope.

Dress and paint your
rotting decaying
putrid Warriors
whose eyes
stare coldly
to the West with longing.

Bodies opulent in dress
painted poignant hues.
Prepared tenderly
so to pass the glorious
Thunderbirds whose
lightning eyes illuminate
hallowed lands of Elders.

Oh testify with reverence
and adulation and devotion
of the Turkey and Turtle
Rounded-Feet and Horse
the Raccoon and Rabbit
Oh such imperial clans.

Oh Great Nomads!
Stomp your Great Dance
around Wikkums erected
from tree barks
and sap and brush
and cattails
strive to seek
to protect
to preserve what
Mishaami are left.

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