Poetry: Serene Slumber

Poetry Slumber

This elgiac chant
my serene slumber
is ceaseless
this constellation
of lovely sounds
an ethereal song
and endless sum of
notes so infinite
and timeless

within my
serene slumber
my trance
they dance on
an astral plane
that shifts
and transforms into
a scene of serenity
ebbing into my sedation

such a bliss is this
such a divinely kind
deity which dances
and prances gaily
in my darkness
in my dreams
such whispers
such chants

oh this melody from
an ethereal ruler
of the night
of the universe
softly echoing
all her lyrics
all her reverie
plays in my slumber
delights in my dormancy
softly echoing
in my rest
ruling me in rapture
majestic and resplendent.

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