Poetry: Ruminations

Don’t call Moses a liar he was much more than that
There are no sands of time just time and sand
(and not enough of either in this land)
Just one way is one too many ways skin a cat.

Peter denied Jesus thrice and he still got a booking
Space is hurling through us not the other way around
Don’t look for the Arc it’s…just stop looking
(it will never be found).

Better to not be a fly on the wall lest disaster strikes
The Sun doesn’t set never sets it’s on the other side
(something none of us really likes)
Lollipops don’t pop no matter how you’ve tried.

The Titans are still pissed over losing the war
(and they are gunning for revenge)
When rain falls its not fucking tears its more
Pyramids weren’t built by people nor Stonehenge.

Man has designs on woman and it will always be
The rib wants home the home wants another rib
(don’t ask me)
Marriage is indentured servitude for the glib.

While we’re at it love:  ill-fated concept for mammals
A tree falls you’re not there it still makes a sound
(quite a shambles)
And yes the egg came before the chicken was around.

This is your mind this is drugs now what to do?
(so many choices so little time)
If she has that look in her eye who is defining you?
And thus endeth this stupid rhyme.

(told you they were idiotic)


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