Poetry: Profundity

Poetry Profundity

I lost a june bug
long ago
thought you should know
I think she was taken
ripped from a leaf

we shared the soup of
immortals gallantly
braving the injustices
of that world
in such repose
it would
stagger you

until one day
from a trembling leaf
she was taken from me
she didn’t have a chance
she was gone

no one saw it coming
no one to share the rain
with anymore
no one to
make sense of it all
no one to
meet the day
with anymore

a funny thing happened
that obliterated
20,000 years of
20,000 years
and just
she was here

now we run on leaves
we’ve missed so
and splash the rain
that’s fallen
over 20,000 years
cleansed by
eons of knowing

we stroll on precipices
of narrow green leaves
sharing once again
the very profundity
of us under
the perfect sun.

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