Poetry: No Dragons

Poetry No Dragons

Poetry that I have written for my lovely wife, Rebecca. Presented today for the first time anywhere! Visit her blog at My Faces of Life.

It’s you by the stream
only you among the trees
nature in and around you
is a lovely thing
as you walk to the lodge
and your smile
is welcoming inviting.

A kiss on your neck
where you like
and I learn how the
combing of that endless
river of hair with deep
devotion is hypnotic
oh the smell of you!

We groove to R.E.M.
and tell God we’re good
because we are good
there is serenity and I
feel it all around us
and tension sexual need
your dress keeps secrets
perfectly so there are
mysteries to solve and
promises to keep.

There are oranges for you
standing out of respect
for your ingenuity
waiting for your delicious
lips waiting for your
methodology for your
insane loveliness and
there are candies too
my sweet red orange
(which are not here but
there for you)
blue green yellow brown.

You talk in tongues to me
captivate me as Raya lies
rests in repose a scene
so surreal so Dali groans
painting as you go colors of
your essence pervade.

No karma due here no
elephants in this room
mountains are climbed and
conquered passions meted out
no there is nothing but
you and me we and us
and a bug I named Caligula
no dragons to slay this day.

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