Poetry: Nightfall

Dust decays the minds remains,
sullies clarity while slow it stains-
Slow it stalls each calm refrain
scowls so deep my new disdain.

Cloudless day, yet chill surrounds,
then quiet falls upon the grounds-
Eases silence until all around
I’m lost among the words I found.

Gathering close the gloom foretells
echoes of the church-yard bells-
Quiet then both the vale and dell
so quickly, so sudden, so it fell.

Stark the darkness heavily weighs
dances resolutely thus it stays-
Along grey gravel does it play
then dead to earth it kills the day.

Stalks away and leaves unkind
unravels deeds, stops the mind-
Once taut now the heart so finds
purpose loosened it slow unwinds.

Fade cold sun beyond the trees!
Rush to earth upon your knees-
So small, so small you are to me
still stoic though, your majesty.


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