Poetry: Mind Afflicted

Oh my ignoble mind
why must you be so
rueful-this sorrowful pity
abject-I am not contemptible
brooding-unkind contemplations.

Oh my heinous conscience
dare not
mock me-oh the cruelty
taunt me-cuts so deep
bleed me-I flow dying.

Oh my callous intellect
why must you yet
scorn me-is praise so ugly
castigate me-the pain beguiling
disparage me-oh your brutality!

Oh my derisive aspect
dare not
deceive me-illusions prison
betray me-my loyalty shaken
delude me-my truth so naked.

Do not do so!
Oh my afflicted mind
why must you
transcend my heart-this raw love
overtake the purpose-all consuming
of my fierce quest-aching in urgency.

Even still with
scant recompense
I die a thousand deaths
in your ideations.


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