Poetry: I Will Languish

My heart has these many dwellings
such dead cold cautionary tales
long disregarded and condemned.

And then there is this secret palace
eclipsing all true loves desolation
where deep resides your essence.

A rapture of all your many graces
this mansion of your many riches
this residence of your memory.

Oh the sweet trinkets that shine
these jewels that will defy all time
the very marrow of all bright stars.

And the awesome portrait that
hangs formidable in the great hall
duchess over all my dominions.

The great chair faces your visage
lovely features of all my landscapes
commanding sure every horizon.

And I sit and stare and die and die
over and over and over again deep
in my world of stoic epic devotion.

Oh how grand is lone stellar view
how lovely in its awesome repose
mute witness to all my sad despair.

My heart has these many dwellings
but only to one loving abode I go
to one haven where I will always be.

Portrait of all my hearts affections
my desperate insanity’s sweet relief
where I will yet languish evermore.

Your glance follows my every step
as smoky embers hotly choke me
as I tend to sorrows dying flames
I die over and over and over again.

entombing myself so I may forever
remain in its hallowed silent halls.


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