Poetry: I Was There

what did the raven say
as you laid
your soul bare
to the trees
stoic in the woods?

did the stream
run to you
embrace you
give you solace as
your hot tears bled
into your trembling mouth?

who saw you
that they could
murmur to themselves
how hauntingly sad…
they would never dare.

where did you bury
the razors you chewed
they will never decay
you said
they will never decay.

how dare the sun!
inform on you
as you wept alone
in that forest of woe
your secret sadness unfurled.

I was there

choking on your
your weeping
I gazed and longed
and ached
dying and praying
to kill the despair
that suffocated
the air within you.

but then the raven
drowned in the stream
bleak hellish wings
ripped from the air
stifled, killed dead
in the murmur.


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