Poetry: From Mystic Sands

Come my beloved
rest long within
the ethereal reaches
of my haven
within my sanctuary
rest your wickedly disconsolate
mind and so lay in repose
absolve yourself in shadows
cast for you
renew yourself in
the mist of my creation.

Crush me with your suffering
and your broken dreams
and your histories and your
deadliest deceptions
those cunning slayers of
all your hopes
so as I cast spells from
my dying contemplations
my terrible meditations
far West
I can obliterate them
annihilate their affect
vanquish their theme.

Envelope me in your angst
in your sorrow and your grief
as I lay dying
behind black embers
buried in the debris
of my decaying magic
ignite my cold conjurings
into vivid imaginations
into vibrant vagrancies
impress upon me
your utter depravities!

Suffocate me with
your inglorious sufferings
that I might ever
fixate on them
ruminate their demise
fashion my incantations
while I sleep
in the furthest
reaches of my
dread desolate world
while I sleep
in my secret realm
that ancient city
forged from mystic sands
which drift far and wide
far beyond the sphere of
creations glorious cosmos.


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