Poetry: Deadly Enemies

the movie got it
all wrong
you see
those big guns
pointed at a
different horizon

the battle that
raged had more
prisoners than dead
but that’s old
news and dead men
tell no tales

your ranks are
troops fighting
formidable forces
against all odds
trench warfare

now a brutal
war of
endless attrition
in the interest
of annihilating
deadly enemies

all heroes
make it home
notify the next
of kin
for the dead

all wars come
to an end
rally the troops
for the
final campaign

the outcome
is certain
ticker tape parade
the ground
in ruins
soldiers fade away

reflections of
the wreckage
an inevitability
though the cost
was great
the heart rejoices.


  • This describes my battle with depression. My war within.

    • ironically, this poem is not about actual war, but battling my inner demons, so it’s super cool that you related to the extended metaphor.

  • You can pick up the idea that the poem is abut a war within, certainly when connected to your story and other writing on the blog. Out of that context, it works as a war poem as well. I enjoy it, but also feel it only scratches the surface of what you have to say about the war. Meaning, I look forward to hearing more war stories.

  • I appreciate this immensely. My other WIP is called Here Lies a Soldier and it focuses on World War One. I’ve set it aside for the moment while I finish the series book but I’ll be back to it right after that.

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