Poetry: Christmas Tree

Written after my boys went back home to their mother, 20 years ago.

star sits on
christmas tree
it blinks and winks
fades away. Decorated
for a holiday, our tree stands
in its shiny finery. Little wooden
soldiers with a gingerbread man, jolly
santa dangling with deer in a glen. Golden
bugle blowing angels, heralding the king, silver
shiny icicles sit on the bottom dangling. We put such
love into this tree and we revel in its majesty, reflections
of our memories are kept within each golden orb. All the joys
from all seasons past kept inside each shiny glass, these mirrored
globes reflecting our past. Year after year they’re packed slowly away,
some did not show up today, they were crushed and broken along the way.
My sons got me more, so we put them on I’ll cherish them from dusk till dawn
the night is done
my boys are gone
but yet I will keep
the tree lights on.

The Original Poem From 2000


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