Poetry: Cabin Floor

Poetry That Cabin Floor

Poetry that I have written for my lovely wife, Rebecca. Presented today for the first time anywhere! Visit her blog at My Faces of Life.

What do you see
within the trees
shadows hiding
shadows biding
standing upon
the wood
of the cabin floor
in the night.

What did you think
standing there silent
cold wind blowing
cold wind knowing
of your essence
pressed into the
grooves into the
seams of the
cabin floor.

What did you feel
catching your breath
gray clouds haunting
gray clouds taunting
leaning your waist
into life’s ebb
and flow
as the sway
to and fro had a
groan all their own.

So there you were
beauty scant shaking
beauty sure taking
from where
before there
was pain but such
was the stain stained
into that cabin floor.

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