My Miscellany: Oh No! Friday The 13th!


Today is Friday the 13th!  For those of you who are superstitious, not a good day.  However, it’s a great day for me!

Today I am going to the Probation Department, usually NOT a good thing.  However, today it’s a GREAT thing.  Last week I met with my Probation Officer.

She was so thrilled with my progress she decided that today would be the day we go before a judge and remove almost ALL of my probation stipulations!  All I will have to do is call in once a week.  You have no idea what the lifting of these restrictions means; so, I’m going to tell you.

That means that I will not have to pay over $2,800 in fees.  I will not have to attend two different punitive classes, which would have amounted to approximately 52 of them (and pay $75 each for).  Justice indeed!  I feel exonerated without even completing my appeal of my wrongful conviction.  She never believed I was guilty from the get go.  She knew what time of day it was with that entire situation.  I am glad someone believed in me.

relationship1The biggest thing is she is willing to relocate my probation to any state in the U.S.!  I am now deciding which state I want to move to.  I am definitely thinking California!  Sunny and warm, here I come.  By the end of March I will be out of this godforsaken state!

A great day for me indeed.  Doing good things results in good things.  And, because some of those penalties were resultant of a totally bogus charge, I feel a strong sense of redemption for these blessings today.

So, Friday the 13th be damned!  It’s a lucky day for me.


  • Hehehehe Friday the 13th was awfully beautifully chaotic for me. I felt many new things awakening. I’m so happy things are improving steadily!!!

  • That’s awesome news. Friday the 13th has been lucky for me since high school when my friend ‘willed’it to me in the high school yearbook. I feel it’s all just a matter if perspective. If you’re looking for something bad to happen, it usually does. But if you’re staying positive and hopeful about the day, something good will come of it.

  • Things are going fabulously well. Stay blessed Robbie.

  • What great news!!

  • Cali is good. My son really wants to go to Stanford, and then walk out and get a job in one of the companies in Silicon Valley. The rest of us just want to move where the weather stays the same for longer than an hour.

      • Fucking Ohio, man! lol

      • Huh? What about Ohio?

      • That’s where I live. If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. It’s not bad – Columbus is one of my favorite cities – but the weather here means you have to have an umbrella, shades, mittens and sandals in your car, just in case.

      • Oh, lol. I had no clue what the hell you were talking about haha. Nope, I am going to warmth. Although I am considering a mountainous region like Colorado. I just don’t know yet.

      • I lived in Summit County for two years, up in the mountains. Fantastic area, Keystone Resort was amazing. My mom’s friend lived in some snowbirds’ house, and was a boat pilot during the summer on Lake Dillon. That’s a great place to just relax and view the scenery, meet people from all around the country and the world, and just be happy.

      • Is it now. Good to know. Maybe I will look up the VA there. It all depends which program I can transition to. Massachusetts is one of the most Vet friendly states in the country, so it’s going to be tough to match the program level.

      • Shit yes – I had an apartment where I sat on the back patio and looked at the mountains and way in the distance, Lake Dillon. Lots of summer activities, too – boating, fishing, golf, horseback riding, great. I sound like a tourism promoter for Summit County, but it was fun and full of nature and people. I learned lots of conversational Slavic, French, Japanese and Spanish just from coworkers and guests.

      • I’ve been begging Evan to move. That I want to get away from here. I’m torn. I have kids. I can’t move them away from their father. My house is perfect, I think I just don’t want to deal with the memories. My home makes me feel safe and warm though and it’s mine ya know? I can come here and relax and just be with myself. And my Thor (kitty) he’s my best friend ya know?

      • Maybe take a lot of pictures, and then move across town? I don’t know, but it seems like the memories will then be frozen in time, forever pleasant and happy.

  • I love moves and living in new places. What state are you in now?

  • Rob, I don’t mean to be a downer but I tend to have to bring myself to reality sometimes when thinking in such a manner. To many times have I thought something would happen MY way. Then it doesn’t (Gee, I wonder why?). However, if you go in there with no expectations, whatever the outcome you just then deal with. For me, in situations like this, it’s easier. Just a suggestion 🙂

  • Anywhere you live can be the best place, I suppose that’s up to you. 🙂

    People always want roots, I typically want movement so those conflict lol. I like the idea of living in different locations from time to time

  • Every year, a list of the best cities in the US comes out… I can’t recall who publishes it. That might help you decide. California might be sunny and warm but it’s also super expensive! How about Arizona, New Mexico or South Carolina? 😃

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