New Age: Ascension Theory

Ascenscion:  The Key To Spiritual Awakening?

What Is Ascension?

There was a lot of talk during the year 2012 about  Ascension to the 4th Dimension. What exactly did that mean? What do proponents believe will happen as Ascension occurs?

December 21, 2012 of the Mayan calendar was misconstrued as the Mayan’s believing the world would end.  That is simply not true.  The end of the Mayan Calendar simply marked the end of a 26,000 year period of human existence and evolution. The Mayans didn’t believe in an ‘Armageddon’ scenario as do Western belief systems. They believed this date marked the end of an age, the end of an era and a transition into a new age— not the end of all existence.

As humanity begins to move into the 4th dimension, we will begin to lose our sense of individuality and ego. The illusion of separateness that creates wars, prejudice, and conflict, is dissolving. People are beginning to be more attuned to the thoughts and emotions of others. We are beginning to become aware of the interconnectedness of all.

It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness; it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful – Adrienne Rich

Linear time will fade as humans begin to realize that time is an illusion and that past, present, and future exists simultaneously.

What Are Some Of The Results?

People will become more and more aware of the subtle light or energy bodies surrounding all and they will become more intuitive and telepathic. People will begin to remember that they are all simply multiple manifestations of the One Source.

Those already understanding the need to begin raising their vibrations will find the transition easier than those being more resistant.

The very nature of our being is changing from the physical to the non-physical plane or dimension. Some of us are already living ‘between the worlds’, with one foot in each dimension or experiencing a shifting back and forth between the dimensions.

Some may feel life is becoming more surreal. More and more people will be learning to integrate their intuitive abilities into their daily activities.

It is my personal belief, one I share with … perhaps millions of others, that the time is quickly approaching for the maturation of the god-seed and global light body activation leading to a hyper-communication revolution with the ability to unite all of humanity as a differentiated, enlightened consciousness – Sol Luckman

Eventually, it will even be possible to change our forms and shape-shift as we once again have bodies made of energy that are pliable, flexible and which will move easily as they will not have the restrictions of matter. We can travel from place to place by merely thinking of where we wish to go.

Recognizing The Implications

How will you be able to recognize that earth is making this shift? When you start seeing changes. When you start noticing that the moment you think something, it starts materializing. When your dream state and your waking state begin to merge. When you start seeing beings from other dimensions and they are as real to you as those in matter. These are all signs that you are starting the ascension process.

What is the main deterrent to this process? Fear! Eliminate your fear and embrace these changes taking place within your consciousness. Integrate these new abilities and be flexible and flow with the ever-changing evolution.

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