My Sunny Side: Simplicity

I’ve decided to try a new feature in my blog: Sunny Side Up (I actually like over medium eggs lol) me trying to be my funny, sarcastic, positive, uplifting, grateful, off the wall self! I am going to show my positive side. My life is not all doom and gloom, And WovenEclipse helped me see that. So, thank you Rebecca!

After yesterday’s tumultuous events, today was a fine example of simplicity!  I almost felt “normal.”

I did my laundry.  I washed the disgusting shared bathroom between my room and another room.  I mopped the floors.  I hung out.  I took a nap.  I checked into volunteering in the hospice section of the VA, but they don’t need any help until tomorrow.  Simplicity was relaxing, but almost to the point of boredom.

So today my day perhaps resembled a typical Saturday.  It snowed about 4 inches today.  It was nice not having to shovel.  There is only one example where simplicity might be a wolf in sheep’s clothes:  boredom.

simplicity on justruminating men's blogIt took me all day to even think of something I wanted to say.  I get a little anxious with too much action, and I get anxious with too little action.

I need to find a balance between simplicity and over activity.  I need to incorporate moderation into my daily life so that I don’t get caught up.

Today, I am grateful for this simplicity, grateful for the removal of stress and anxiety.  However, I need to be vigilant and mindful not to not have too much of it lest I fall pray to boredom.  And when I am bored, all hell can break loose.


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