My Sunny Side: Molly

Today I celebrate my therapist, Molly.  Each week I travel by shuttle 35 minutes, wait 2 hours for my appointment, then travel back just to be able to work with her.

I started working with Molly sometime in the beginning of November.  Since then we have built a trust between each other that I have rarely felt in the many years I have endured therapy.

I need Molly each week.  I really have no one to talk to.  As you all know, making friends for me is very difficult, and I maybe have one friend I can actually talk to.  My family is extremely small (an aunt and a father, lol)Each week my 1 hour appointment, with travel time and waiting, takes me about 5 hours.  It’s well worth it!  I think I am making progress dealing with my Bipolar and my Borderline Personality Disorder, a diagnosis she made in mid-December.

Group therapy is rapidly declining into utter boredom for me.  I have endured it these past 3 1/2 months and I think I have absorbed everything I need to absorb.  Now comes the application of these lessons in my day to day life.

therapy2 on justruminating men's blogNot so with my therapy with Molly.  She is constantly challenging my impressions of myself.  She is helping me put the pieces of my puzzle together.  She challenges me to examine the think that is sometimes poisonous.  She gives me room to discover on my own the answers that have eluded me for so long.

I have been going to counseling off and on since I was 12 years old.  Other than the therapist I had in college, Molly is as good as it gets.  I can’t wait to talk to her today and put another hour of time in with her.  I count my blessings today that my Higher Power put her in my path.


  • Hope the iceberg floats away into oblivion!

  • I’m glad you have built such a trusting bond with your therapist. Are you an only child? I am as well.

  • I’m so happy you’ve found someone with whom you can trust and be open. That makes all the difference!

  • Hey Rob, as you know I’m also in the program and have a few days under my belt. I would not ordinarily say anything for fear of over stepping, however this flashed as very dangerous thinking to me…..”Group therapy is rapidly declining into utter boredom for me. I have endured it these past 3 1/2 months and I think I have absorbed everything I need to absorb. ” In my experience, if you ever stop learning, I would recommend you reassess your program and perhaps do another 4th step with your sponsor. Based on what I have seen and done, there is generally something hiding in your conscience that is eating away at the foundations. I have relapsed a couple of times, and the first big whammy was getting bored in meetings, not listening, then dropping attendance. I issue this as a warning from a friend. This is just my experience. I care about you, and would hope that you not repeat my mistake. Some folks wiser than me said if you get bored and feel like you have heard it all before, maybe you need to change the way you listen. Or if you can, seek out other meetings. Sometimes it helps to find another group. Hope this does not offend you. Life sucks better sober 🙂

    • It doesn’t offend me whatsoever. Groups go on repeat cycle as new people come in. I will only be in groups for 4 more days, then I start work, so no fear here. It’s time for me to get to the next level. I read my big book, go to meetings, write, exercise and go to therapy. Things are well in hand my friend. Thanks for looking out though

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