My Sunny Side: Contentment

I’ve decided to try a new feature in my blog: Sunny Side Up (I actually like over medium eggs lol) me trying to be my funny, sarcastic, positive, uplifting, grateful, off the wall self! I am going to show my positive side. My life is not all doom and gloom, And WovenEclipse helped me see that. So, thank you Rebecca!

Last year at this time I was in a loveless alcoholic and abusive relationship.  My life was pure misery and chaos.  And, although I had all kinds of things:  a kickass car (repossessed), beautiful watches (sold for booze), furnishings (sold by the ex), etc. I was far from content.

Fast forward to today.  Today I have very little in my life, I am in a residential treatment program, and I am jobless, homeless and penniless.  Yet, I am content!  I have my sobriety.  I am free from the destruction of daily alcoholism and misery.  I have my health.  I just passed 300 “followers” this morning (I wish more of you all would share your comments, for they sustain me), and your presence in my life fills me with contentment!

In these days of rushing and getting and spending, look to contentment, in whatever form that can take for you!  I have previously written about gratitude, but gratitude differs greatly from contentment:

“While gratitude is a measure of our perspective on the things we already have, contentment is a measure of our perspective on the things we don’t have. It’s being able to say we want nothing more no matter how much or little we have.”

Look to your lives and be content.  There is always someone worse off than you, but I know that this attitude doesn’t come easy; Lord knows I’ve struggled to feel it.  I know it can be difficult, but if you try you will see that you probably have much more to be content about what you do have.  Or at least find peace with what you don’t have.  When I lost everything I was devastated. 

But as I progress in my healing I have found everything I truly need.  I can only wear so many clothes at once.  I only need a few toiletries to stay beautiful (hahaha).   “Stuff” are just trappings we surround ourselves with to convince ourselves we are doing well, feeling well.

I used to complain a lot.  A lot.  Now, I find my attitude filling with grace and humility little by slow.  And, although sometimes I get lonely, I know that friends are never far when I come into this wonderful community.  I am content with the friendships I have made and the wonderful love and support you show me here each and everyday.

Please, take a moment today and reflect on your contentment.  You will be amazed at how much of it you can feel if you just stop feeling like you don’t have, and focus on what you do have!

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