My Ruminations: Television


While I was in jail I vowed not to watch television when I got out.  I got out in October and, except for two Presidential Debates, and 17 football games, I am proud to say that I have not watched a lick of television.

I have a few reasons for this life altering decision:

 1.  It would be a huge trigger for me normally as I spent most of the last 2.5 years of my life rotting in front of one while I drank myself into oblivion and got fat.

2.  I will no longer waste my life watching fake lives evolve on television.  It has done nothing for me to watch mindless shows that encourage me to do nothing but watch other people live their lives (real or fake).

3.  I cannot stand television commercials.  It helps that I am stuck in this treatment facility where I can’t just flip over to Netflix, because maybe then my resolve to not watch television would be much weaker.  I can’t stand to watch the commercials during the Patriots football games.  It’s like we have all regressed to 4 years olds and the television is walking us through each retarded sentence.

So, no thanks to television.  As a result, I am spending much more quality time reading, blogging, taking part in my new love of photography working out, meditating–although I’ve been slacking on the meditation.  zombie tv on justruminating men's blogIn other words, I have been busy living my life!  And I plan on doing that for a lot longer too!


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