My Recovery: Under Construction

Today is my 8th day at the VA Alcohol Rehab Program.  I’ve just showered after running/walking for 4 miles.  I can tell you I nearly broke down in tears out there because I was finally free (as in, out of jail last Monday free) to engage in it.

This is my first Treatment Program for treating my alcoholism, and I am about to turn 53, so this is all new to me.  As is this Blog I started last Wednesday, for MY wellness.  Side note:  many of my spiritual posts, New Age stuff, etc.  I saved from a previous New Age site from many years ago.  But one thing I can tell you for sure, I am under some heavy construction!

I didn’t realize just how much I have let go until I booked all the doctor’s appointments!  Alcoholism takes more than your mind, it takes your body and soul (soul is an entire other universe for today).

I can’t tell you how happy I was seeing the Optometrist and a Podiatrist in the same day.  I’m happy to report that my vision has only gone down slightly in two years, and my two big toenails were well attended to-bastards.  Oh, and I made a Dermatology appointment to see about reversing the effects of aging on my precious skin, hahaha.  No, seriously, I’m just now starting to wrinkle, not good!

I actually spent a lot of time walking while I was in Jail.  So, unlike many of the guys here, weight-wise I lost 25lbs.  I would like to get from the 225 moderate muscle tone, to 200 and good muscle tone now.

To sum up:  my body is well under construction, as is my mind.  My spirit has been under construction with the Bible since jail 5 months ago.  Nothing major really, you don’t have to lock up any children for gosh sakes.  Today was another day sober, many steps forward, and my on ramps are shaping up nicely!

Oh, I forgot to add, I quit smoking and am taking a med to help with that, but off all other medications; the hell with it, might as well give up all the whole stinking mess!  Right?  Stay tuned…Namaste!

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