My Recovery: On The Move


So I got the word that I am going into the 3 month VA Work Program next Thursday!  I am ready for this next chapter in my recovery.  I will have been here 2 months and it is time to move on.  With no access to a gym, or AA meetings, it has been a long journey mostly of boredom.

At least in this new program I can walk to AA meetings.  I can join the local YMCA for free and get back to taking good care of myself.  I have been active, but a focused gym regime is just what the doctor ordered.

And today I stepped outside my comfort zone.  I went out of my way to make the two new guys welcome in the program.  I am now the senior resident here, the house members are all brand new to me.  Making friendships is difficult with everyone coming and going.  But let’s be real, I haven’t exactly gone out of my way to forge any friendships either.


Since I will be at this place for 3 months, I realize I have to change how I am going about my relationships.  Those of you who have been with me know this is my number one issue:  I have to fight the fears of rejection, judgment, and mistrust.  I have to abide by the Golden Rule and do unto others as I would want have done unto me.

I am ready to leave this place.  While it has been a mostly safe environment, ghosts are walking the hallway and it is time to bid them adieu.  I find myself finding myself again:  something lost has been found.  It is with great exuberance I embrace the change that is before me.


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