My Recovery: I’m Onto Someone


My thoughts about my life these past 5 months as I walked/jogged around the large pond today:

In Jail:  I threw away the booze and found spirituality.

In Treatment:  (currently) I crushed my last pack of cigarettes and I’m finding wellness.

At the Pond:  I’m throwing away resentments, guilt, shame, hatred, etc.  and I’m finding resolution.

And I’m onto Someone whom I thought was thrown away so long ago:  Myself!  What a find!


  • I’m still learning just how deep my own beast runs. A counselor said that some people really do have a disposition to addiction based on their dopamine levels. Interesting stuff. Have you ever researched it?

    • Oh I have read and done it all. When it all comes down to it I think when you want to be done, you’ll be done. Until that, forget it. Of course, that’s just MY experience…everyone is different.

      • No, I think you’re absolutely right on that. There’s all sorts of scientific reasons and studies in the why but at the end of the day, it’ll continue as far as the individual is prepared to let it.

  • Good for you! (: Addiction is a tough beast but you’re strong for overcoming it daily

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