My Recovery: I Blog Therefore I Live

My recovery is just that, mine!  So many folks have their say about what is going to work and what is not.  Let me share with you now that I am on solid footing, the ground is not unsteady because I am not on a predefined path of Recovery.

To be sure, much of my recovery centers around my blog and the ones that sustain me. Writing, if honest, is a powerful antidote to the stupidities we encumber ourselves with.

I have no delusions that merely writing and reading blog posts is going to keep me sober.  However, immersing myself in my reality, and the realities of many of you in the blogging community, so strengthens me, that ‘blogging’ should be as important as therapy, AA, groups, meditation, yoga, etc.

I blog, therefore, I am-be-live…


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