My Recovery: For You All


Dear All Of You,

I want you to know how much I appreciate you being out there.  Every time I visit, I come away more complete; more enriched.  The bravery you show each day in penning your words is a thing of true beauty, and I am grateful for your presence.

I always try to drop a few thoughtful words for you; I know how important it is to feel that connectedness.  However, if I simply just “like” something, I want you to know it means more to me than that.

It’s usually when I read you on my phone, and not on my home computer–my autocorrect on my phone is murderous!  But It means that I truly read each and every word.  I paid attention to what you had to say because it mattered to me.

So, thank you!  I want to take a moment to especially thank those of you who always find time to visit me.  I can’t tell you what a difference you are make in my mixed up, shook up world.  I want to particularly thank those of you who go that extra step to drop a few words when you spend time visiting me.

Thank You Fellow Writers
Thank You All!

The joy you give me is measurable beyond mere words.  You are all essential to me and to my recovery.  You make a difference.  I also like the “banter” some of us engage in, it’s fun!

So, from one human hurling through space to another, thank you so very much for sharing your world!  Each of you is a gem to me.  You shine on me in ways you cannot even imagine; but I hope you can a little more today.  This human comes away from your words and world a better man.



  • I stopped by here a few weeks back and I made an observation on one of your poems.

    You set me straight, haha (Interpreted it as a love addiction – because of the title and the way it was written – and you corrected me, noting it was a drug addiction!).

    Have to admit, I’ve been afraid to come back since then, thinking that you thought I was just stupid or something! I felt like I would just always misunderstand you. But recently, you began following me and I followed back….

    I’m still nervous to comment on your poems, though. Having grown up as an always wrong child in my house, I’m sort of skittish about having something as simple as my experience of someone else’s art corrected. I felt like, wow, so even my imagination is wrong. ;o)

    I would’ve been here many times over since then, but I was afraid that no matter what I said, I would be wrong….so, I drifted away.

    I hope we are able to put all of that behind us and start over. Thank you for the follow and it was fun chatting with you today about my doggies. I appreciate your efforts, Rob. ❤︎

    • Oh gosh I’m so terribly sorry! When I said that I was telling you the secret of my poem, not correcting you! I wanted you to know what it truly was about because I was unafraid to tell you it was about my drug use. I would never ever do that to a reader. I feel terrible about this. I never told anyone what it was really about, I just wanted you to know how I crafted it. I’m so glad you told me. And that’s why I said I should have put a descriptor there. Not because I thought you misubderstood, but because I was being too cute for my own good. Thank you for coming back and giving me another chance

  • And I want you to know that when I like one of your posts, I have always read it and i have always heard your words. Your writing is always beautiful and I know we can all share our appreciation for each other and expressing our deepest thoughts. I love reading your thoughts and it means everything that you read mine too. Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to affirm your words 💛

  • Know that you are appreciated too❤️

  • Gratitude is beautiful! Thank you! Your soul is shining through!💗💫☀️💫💗

  • I love connecting with you Robbie.

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