My Recovery: Change


Change is coming
I’m not afraid of change
I’m willing to change
I need to change
I want to change
I have to change
I’m ready to change
I have decided to change
I have the tools to change
I will embrace change
I am able to change
I’m going to change
Now all I have to do is change.


I am proud of the fact that I am able to be honest with myself when it comes to fixing defects of character and mind that are a direct result of my alcoholism. I have the courage to make the hard choices. I have made hard choices already.

I know that it is fine to gather all the tools around me for change. But, if I don’t implement the tools I will not change. I have to firmly grasp tools that I am gathering and collecting and put them to work.

Call it a toolbox of change, if you will. There are so many I have now that I didn’t have before. I have slowly begun to learn how these tools function. I have learned where and when to use a variety of them. Now, when something breaks down, I have tools to fix them before they become irreparable.

And that is how I am going to change.


  • (you’re awesome all the time)

  • You sound pretty positive today and that makes me happy! <3 Keep being awesome xx

  • Rob.. you are just repairing the damage done to already perfect 👌🏽 man..

    And just by making the choice to do so. Say so much about you…

    Please get broken too.. by choice they make.. or by circumstances..
    and if we all could see the damage it would have caused.
    We wouldn’t have..

    But.. the most wonderful thing is.. when you stop ✋ and fix all damages that was created by that choice….

    And Heyyyy..
    you did it..

  • I envy you. I bet you were not expecting that from anyone. To know you need to change and to have the tools is one thing, a person who actually puts them to use is an entirely different ballgame. I always had the problem with tool usage. Somehow tools always managed to find me. That’s different. lol (a little off my game today)

    • lmao…you are so funny. Exactly. Surely I am slowly and stupidly stumbling my way around this garage we call like. I never was the mechanical type. Although, I have been told I’m good with my hands haha.

      • It’s odd because when I first started some of my posts came up under daner73 or something odd I’ll try. I tried to merge the 2 blogs because some of the posts on the older one are ones that received the most response. I gave up after 4 hours. My brother’s a computer programmer, when I ask him a question he says “How the hell should I know? I just write the programs”. I hope he isn’t working for the Government or we’re screwed. lol

      • just copy and paste your blog posts and then deactivate one of them. I think you can do it in settings.

      • COPY AND PASTE!!?? LOL Did I tell you I worked in a jewelry factory sniffing glue from 11-23? Then managed 2 Blockbusters for 13 years, then became a Hair Stylist where I inhaled other toxic fumes for a few more years? I’ve tried to copy and paste so many times and the copy part works but it disappears to this unknown land of tears and frustration never to be seen again. I just need my sister to show me once I learn a little better visually. She has Mono right not and I’m Rambling…………

      • That’s ok. I like your company. You are too funny

      • Just so you know your Insights of A Bipolar Rambler link takes me to a site with 4 posts. Sorry lol

    • BTW, is there any way you can sort your posts from newest to oldest? I’m trying to follow your ebb and flow, and the posts are all dated differently. If not, no worries, I will adapt heh heh

  • I love this! I don’t know if it’s a common saying, but one of the ladies in my recovery group told me- way back when… there’s only one thing you need to change. EVERYTHING. And I love change. Change is growth. Great outlook Rob!

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