My Recovery: Are You Kidding?


So the situation I discussed with many of you last November 22, see first and second posts on this, has come back to rear its ugly head in a most peculiar way.

As I may have mentioned, I have applied for a 3 month work/residential treatment program at another VA.  I had my “intake” meeting with those folks on Tuesday.  It’s not like most people get denied, especially when they are homeless.  But, of course, I’m not most people.

Yeah.  Well, seems the folks over at the Reach Program are concerned that if they let the other dude enter the program, that I am the one to start issues again.  Are you kidding?!  Basically, if you didn’t want to read all the previous drama, this zipper head threatened me over me not shutting a metal door!  Now my eligibility might be threatened because they are thinking of allowing him into that program?

To be clear, he was booted out of this program for making the threat.  That they are even considering this puke for re-admission after threatening a recovering alcoholic suffering from minor PTSD, is a joke!  That they are still up in the air about letting me enter the program, is more of a joke!

I have been pretty straightforward regarding my issues integrating into this community.  I guess the impression is that I can get–and I hate to use this psychiatrist’s term–“snarky.”  Gee, I’m sorry I don’t lie down in the face of someone in my face.  I am sorry I am not Mr. Congeniality while I fight a disease that has taken over my life since I was 18 (I’m 52 now).

And, to really add insult to injury, that punk has already been through the program TWICE!  I have NEVER been in a treatment program, ever.  I just don’t know.  I must be one shit of a person if they are entertaining not admitting me into the program.  Trust in this:  If I do get denied, they haven’t really seen “snarky…”


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