My Recovery: A Day In The Life

My Recovery Journey

Day two in Brockton yesterday was interesting.  Every Friday I used to go into Boston to get my whopping $44.75 check from the VA Assistance office.  Well, since I’ve moved to Brockton, I had to go into the office in Brockton yesterday for this.

So, off I went to the bus stop.  Keep in mind I only have 2 hours off property right now until next week.  It’s 3:05 and as I’m waiting for the bus–inside the VA because it was like 7 degrees out–I missed the first one because I was too focused on editing a photo for my apoeticlife portion of my blog lol.

The VA office closes at 4pm.  I finally catch the bus downtown at 3:35.  I get off at the wrong stop and have to haul ass 5 city blocks to City Hall.  I arrive at 4:02 to learn the VA office moved 2 years ago!  So I call them up and find out I have to go through some song and dance to get my $44.75 transferred to Brockton.  Super:  no money for me today.

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My second mission had to do with checking in with my Probation Officer, 3 blocks away.  I figured I would just stop in and update my P.O. (Probation Officer) that I am now in Brockton.  But I figured the program had already informed them of this fact.  Uhm, ya…

The courthouse closes at 4:30pm.  I haven’t been by since I got out of jail back in October.  Turns out that my P.O. is off.  I speak to another lady who looks up my information.  She informs me that there are two outstanding warrants for my arrest!  Apparently, when I left jail in October, the Program Coordinators never informed Probation that I was in the program!

You’re supposed to report to Probation within 48 hours of your release.  That wasn’t done.  Also, these brainiacs said the second warrant was because I never showed up in court on June 28th.  I said “Well, that’s interesting, since you all convicted me back in June from jail!

Luckily, I have a letter from VA Brockton that says I’m enrolled in their Program.  That letter was supposed to net me $44.75.  Instead, I’ve got one sympathetic woman who understands, and a guy that wants to put me into jail for the weekend!  Can you say WTF!!??

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There was no judge present to temporarily clear these warrants, so he wanted to call the police to take me in and have me appear Monday morning.  Are you kidding me?  Long and short, thank Gods the woman prevailed and they let me go back to the program.  But now I have to go to court on Monday to clear this stinking mess up!

My stomach is churning just writing this.  The last time I was going to just “pop” into Probation, they hauled me to jail for 5 months.  I was railroaded and it’s a another story altogether.  Suffice it to say, yesterday was extremely tumultuous and stressful!  I ended up with no money, and barely escaping jail.

No, dear readers, coming to Brockton so far has not been pleasant.  But today I have Acceptance.  I will clear up the situation and move on.  My recovery will not be compromised!  And I am super proud of myself that through the 3 hour ordeal, picking up a drink never crossed my mind.  Not once!

Stay tuned for more adventures…haha.


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