My Recovery: A.A. Slogans (Pt. II)


I go to A.A. at least twice a week. I mainly sit there, absorb, and leave. I’m into the message, not the medium. I am into the Big Book, but I am not a huge advocate of A.A. I take what I need from it and I leave the rest for someone else.

That being said, A.A. has a lot of terrific slogans that can be applied to anything in life. I have compiled a list and put comments next to each one as to what I think that slogan means for me, not for you, for me. Feel free to comment with any I have missed. You don’t have to go to A.A. to benefit from A.A., but it is one of the pillars by which I remain sober today.

Part I can be found HEREHere is Part II of the list:

  • I can’t handle it God, you take over–giving your will over to a Higher Power.  Surrender fuels freedom and acceptance.
  • One day at a time–shrink your world into a manageable situation.  Don’t think in terms of years, months, but days, even hours.
  • Keep an open mind–closed minds do not receive key information to assist you in solving your problem.  Let it in!
  • Willingness is the key–being willing is the second step after Recognition.  If you are willing, then all things are open to you.
  • More will be revealed–keep paying attention, keep coming, keep that open mind and you will not stop progressing.
  • You will intuitively know–your gut will tell you what you need to know.
  • Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens–you never know how close you are to a solution.
  • Some of us our sicker than others–you are no better or no worse off than anyone else.
  • Alcoholism is an equal opportunity destroyer–alcoholism didn’t pick you because you’re special.  It hurts everyone who is alcoholic.
  • Practice an attitude of gratitude–gratitude will keep you grounded and makes you appreciate what you have, not what you don’t have.
  • God is never late–He is always there.  You just have to tap into Him (or your Higher Power).
  • Have a good day unless of course u have made other plans–you determine how your day is going to be going.
  • I can have complete serenity at this very moment…if I live in denial–it’s ok to feel what you feel.  Denying feelings is a problem.
  • We came to AA to save our ass, and found out our soul was attached–alcoholism is a disease of the spirit more than it is a disease of the body.
  • It’s alcohol-ISM, not alcohol-WASM!–you are never cured.  Don’t live with a false sense of security.
  • I can only carry the message, I can’t carry the drunk!–no one can save me from myself but myself.

So what sayings have I missed?  What do some of these slogans mean to you, either in recovery, or in your everyday life?  Please keep in mind, the interpretations of these slogans I applied to ME.  Obviously they can mean something much different for you!


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