My Recovery: 6 Months Sobriety


Today I celebrate 6 months of sobriety!  I have never had that kind of time under my belt since I started drinking, on the regular, when I was 18.

Of course, for about 5 months of it I was in jail, so it was pretty easy for me.  I’ve almost discounted the fact that I had anything to do with it, having it forced upon me in a Correctional Facility.

But, as my Group Leader said the other day, sobriety is sobriety.  I had opportunities to drink “Jail Brew”, smoke K2, swallow a few Suboxens to remove the pain of incarceration.  But I did not pick up.  So, I will be proud of my accomplishment.  Amazing that all those substances are available in today’s’ system, no?

Anyway, I was never the type of falling down, skin crawling Alcoholic:  simply, when I drank I would be the last to leave, alcohol got me into trouble.  I feel bad for some of my comrades here at the VA Residential Treatment Program here in Boston; many of them are not so lucky to find sobriety as seemingly easy as I am.

They are often wracked with terrible urges, physical anomalies resulting from years of wreaking havoc on their minds, bodies, souls.  It helps me appreciate what God has put in my path.  I celebrate this gift today:  I have no urge, desire, or inclination to pick up again.  As they say in AA “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

And so today, among my new “Self-Labels,” I am proud to say I am a Non-Drinker.


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