My Miscellany: What A Joke (PM Update!)


What a joke.  I don’t ever comment on the news out there; ever.  But man, this went up my ass sideways.  And sorry, I’m not a big fan of endless refugees flowing into this country either, just so you know.

While I was creating my A.A. Today post, one of the Veterans’ was listening to MSNBC behind me and I learned this:

Starbucks CEO has pledged to hire 10,000 refugees over the next 5 years.  What a joke.  How about hiring 10,000 Veterans?

This guy is trying to generate business for his overinflated coffee houses around the country, on the coattails of a divisive decision by our new Commander In Chief.  It’s nothing more than a marketing ploy to generate for business.  At the very least, in this blogger’s humble opinion, it’s an ignorant pledge.

starbucks sucks

Jackoff!  Hire 10,000 Veterans who served your country!  Hire men and women who willingly spent a portion of their lives ensuring that this country remain free and threat free.

Hire men and women who made it so your Armani covered ass could keep wearing your expensive suits and buy another Mercedes for your driveway.

Start taking care of people in this country!  If there is anything left over, we’ll get back to you.  I will continue to get any size cup of coffee I want at Cumberland Farms for 99 cents.  And it won’t take me 10 minutes to figure out what the fuck I’m ordering.  What a joke.

UPDATE:  I stand corrected and retract my original post!  It seems that Starbucks has in fact made a pledge to hire over 10,000 veterans, and they are well on their way to achieving their goal.  Of course, it helps that every VA in the country just about now has a Starbucks in it, but heck, when I’m wrong I can admit it:  I WAS WRONG!

Thank you SAMUELH73 for bringing this to my attention, and for reminding me why I should never comment on something I have no idea enough to research before opening my big fat mouth!



  • Yes, CEO Howard Schultz announced they would hire 10,000 refugees in response to Trump’s (revolting) directive. However, it appears the pundits who peddle this deception repeatedly fail to mention that Starbucks also made the same promise for veterans four years earlier.

    In 2013 military veterans employed by Starbucks asked the company to hire more services members and their spouses. The idea gained traction and Starbucks announced they would employ 10,000 veterans AND military spouses by 2018; by their count, they have hired approximately 8,800 people and are still working to meet that goal. In fact, a program called the “Starbucks Armed Forces Network” was set up specifically to assist veterans and their families in various ways.

    It is utterly repellent that this half-truth was not only brought to the fore but done so intentionally, and has done little more than to distract us from far more important issues.

    In case you are interested, here is Starbucks Hiring Initiative page explaining the program:

    Here is an open letter from the members of the Starbucks Armed Forces Network that describes the program in greater detail and their response to this story:

    • Thank you for this. I have updated my post accordingly.

      • You are always welcome, friend! I fall into the same trap myself from time to time (I once lamented the sudden death of an actor that actually died several years previous) and I hope you will do the same for me when I open my big mouth. 🙂

      • Good thing I didn’t post my Trump blog! No worries, I wouldn’t have known it if the scripts were flipped lol

  • Interesting! And surprisingly, I whole heartedly agree with you! Immigration can be a divisive policy and is usually done by politicians that want a cheaper labour force than those who reside in a country – same happens here. I’m all for immigrants coming here (NZ); if, and only if, we are looking after our own citizens first. Which by the way, we don’t do! The Crown still don’t acknowledge the Indigenous Treaty, in its totality.
    And hiring veterans, I thought, would have been on top of a countries agenda! Apparently not though … same thing happens here!

  • Yup. You are right.

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