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I want to take a minute to thank all of you!  Dear readers, you make up my wonderful blog community and your frequent comments sustain and uplift me!

I had recently posted about some of the troubles I was experiencing here at the treatment facility.  Your comments, suggestions, and words of inspiration truly helped me.

When you take the time to comment and share your own stories and points of view, that is validation for me.  It encourages me to continue to write in the hopes that more of you will come forward and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

Charity brochure final.cdrI write in the hopes that my experiences, as well as my struggles, might somehow be helpful to some of you.  Please, don’t ever hesitate to send along your thoughts, comments, tips, suggestions.  The worse thoughts are those unexpressed!  I am a big boy, I can handle being told if my attitude needs an adjustment!

So, as you go forth in your day today, know that I am here doing well.  I made it past some of the minor trials I was experiencing.  I know life is a journey, not a destination.  I want to share my ups and my downs, as well as my sideways!  Thank you again for sharing yours.  I am learning so much having spent lots more time reading so many of your blogs.

“I blog, therefore I am.”



  • Happy birthday friend. Stay blessed.

  • I am interested because, this is how I stay clean, by listening and sharing. Asking for and accepting help and being generous in being available to help. Being grateful for everything especially the tough spots. Thanks Rob…You’re Welcome

  • Darn – there I was writing along and I did something stupid and erased what I’d written. I do stuff like that – after all this time. First of all, at-a-boy, congratulations for realizing your addiction was bigger than you and could kill you without some outside intervention. Unfortunately, recovery centers come in all shapes and sizes and the military has grown many in a hurry and the contracted ones can be even worse. I don’t have much use for contracted services but that’s my own issue. Anyway, back to the issue at hand,
    Those recovery centers can be the big, the bad and the ugly. I’ve tested the waters in all three and actually had the courage to walk away from ‘the ugly’ when I recognized they were doing me more harm than good. Yep, I’ve been in recovery 28 years and am multiply addicted and am clean, clean and clean! I also know with each new day, I can fall off the horse that represents any of my addictions and be in the hell-hole that I created for myself.
    I wish you only the best, Rob, and may gentle winds have your back as you walk your path and shake hands with the devils you meet along the way. I’m wishing you the absolute best.

    • Thank you so much. This is an exceptional program except the work program is lacking. I practice gratitude though I’m not in jail and I have good and shelter, so who really cares about the job details anyway

      • I’m glad to know you are in a good program. Do you have a primary contact you could express your concerns about the work program to. The day will come when the job will be an important component to your staying clean and safe. The VA knows it’s only when their Veterans have employment that they can be successfull. Don’t want to preach. I can get that way sometimes so you have permission to tell me to back off.

      • Yes there are outlets. Not sure a job change will solve the problem so I think I’ll roll with it. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, and I’m ok with that now. I love feedback, it’s much more meaningful than likes and follows so comment away!

      • For me, discussions on my blogs are always more meangingful than a like. Sure it’s nice to get a like but my real followers are the people that read blog after blog and use their minds to leave meaninful comment and food to think about.

      • Precisely! Right now all my comments go to spam, wp is supposedly working on it

      • Hi, Rob. Please excuse my delay in answering your comment. Being a full-time caregiver sometimes means full-time and no time to get to my office.
        I understand about comments going to spam. A couple days ago I had a comment from a blogger I’ve been in contact on a regular basis for 3 years and there she was in my spam!

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