My Miscellany: My Aunt Sue


After I posted some flashback pics I got to thinking about family.  I had never had much of a family.  We were never close.  There wasn’t much love flowing around the table.  Not only that, it really wasn’t that big.

But my Aunt Sue has always been there for me.  My father’s sister.  She is like my mother.  She has never let me down.  Through the years of being in and out of my mother father’s lives, my Aunt Sue has always been my one constant.  Even today she “likes” my stuff on Facebook.

She visited me when I was locked up at 14.  She sent money she couldn’t afford when I was locked up at 52.  She always sent me birthday cards titled “Master Robert Levasseur.”  I always got a kick out of that.  She always had such an impact in my life.  Not to mention her vanilla fudge is the best on the planet!  Oh, and her turnips…those turnips!

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My Aunt Sue was the one person I always visited throughout my life.  She has always been the person who has never judged me, she always had unshakable faith in me.  I thank God for her almost everyday.

It breaks my heart that she lost my Uncle Bob last year after 54 years of marriage.  I try to be there for her whenever I can, though I know I could be more.

She is the only woman to meet every significant girlfriend I ever had.  She never judged who I was with, or why I was with them.  She just loved and supported me.  A deeply religious woman, she has always been a shining example of love and Godliness.  Full of wisdom and kindness, she operated a daycare in her home for at least 40 years.


Uncle Bob (RIP), Aunt Sue, Half Sister Jess, Sons Matt and Nick 2001 Nick’s First Holy Communion

If there is anyone guaranteed a place in heaven, it’s the greatest woman/person in my life:  My Auntie Sue!  I have never met another person with the heart that she has.  When you have a woman like that in your life, you don’t have to have a big family to feel loved powerfully.


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