Living Life Well: Accept Yourself


Gems for living a life of wellness. Lessons I have learned, or am learning, during this crazy journey through life.

I’m not suggesting anything existential such as love yourself–that’s far too ambitious.  No, let’s begin with simple accepting.  You don’t have to strive for perfection improve or change.  Quite the opposite.  Just accept.

This doesn’t suggest that you should just be resigned to bad circumstances or situations and bury yourself in a hole.  But you can accept the way you are, initially, and then you can build on that.  What you are not going to do is beat yourself us because you don’t like something about yourself. 

acceptyourself on justruminating men's blogIt’s time to just accept that you are the way you are–the result of everything that has happened to you up to this point.  You, like me, like all of us, are human.  We start with what we’ve got and who we are, and then we can only make a choice, each day, to strive for some kind of better.

It’s important to accept that some days you aren’t going to make it.  Some days you will, like all of us, fall far short.  That’s okay, don’t beat yourself up.  Pick yourself up and start again.  Accept that you will fail from time to time and that you are human.

Try to stop finding fault with yourself.  I know it’s hard.  I struggle with it each and everyday, particularly with my attitude towards newcomers here.  Instead, accept that you are what you are.  You’re doing the best you can at this point in time, so give yourself a pat on the back and be persistent in accepting yourself each and every day!  Press on!

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