Life of Chaos

Welcome to my author page! Inexhaustible Life of Chaos is a Poetry Anthology book series. I hope to publish at least 5 books in the series, that will be the culmination of nearly 40 years of poetry writing. I hope that you enjoy the previews of my forthcoming books!

Books In The Series
I: Angst & AngerII: Love & LustIII: Myself & IIV: RebeccaV: Nature & Life
Available Now!June 2021January 2022June 2022January 2023
Inexhaustible Life of Chaos Poetry Anthology

I was 19 when I began writing poetry in 1983. I started feeling a pull in my gut for expressing all the pent up emotions I was feeling all the time. Many of my earlier themes focus on seemed to focus on angst and rage. Therefore, the first book in the series is aptly titled: Inexhaustible Life of Chaos, Angs & Anger. Buy the book HERE.

The first poem I ever wrote is titled Love Is. It was a simple piece that excited me and propelled me on to pursue a teaching degree in English Education at the University of Plymouth, in Plymouth N.H.

I wrote many poems throughout college, many of which were lost or thrown out by a jealous ex-girlfriend. I continued to write mainly rhyming poetry until well into my 40’s. I enjoyed playing with rhythm and meter. I reveled at coming up with new rhyme schemes to express myself.

It was until I entered recovery in 2016 that I began to experiment with free-verse and I quickly wrote over 150 poems in that style. One of my favorite free-verse poems is From Mystic Sands.