Just Sayin’: I Don’t Pay Attention To You


I don’t pay attention to haters anymore.  That includes:  friends, family, former loves, colleagues and society at large.  Live and Let Live.


  • You go Guy..

    The bottom line is always about you…

    It’s actually none of your business what people thinks and say about you…

    Keep it real..
    live….. laugh…. love…

  • spot on. Paying attention to hater “allows” them to steal your joy. Don’t “allow” it

  • It’s so hard to do, I search myself for what could possibly be the payoff, for letting “those”, get to me. I often must work hard at it. Thanks, Rob!

    • As do I my friend. Especially since my ex continues to creep my blog. I suppose on some level it’s a direct message. But it’s good once in awhile to let vagabonds outside my head know that they are irrelevant 90% of the time. I’m good with 10% of the time they still get in there. But they don’t get to stay as long as they used to.

  • Makes me think of GnR (though obviously not as positive) Live and let die… Rob, I truly admire your courage and strength. You have been such a guiding light for me. Your daily thoughts and AA posts have really been helping me find an inner strength and a more peaceful attitude.

  • Yeah. That has always been my mantra. Live n let live

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