Just Sayin’: How I Think

I love quotes in A.A.  One of them is “Stinkin’ Thinking.”  When my thoughts stink, my emotions suffer; my life suffers.  When I realigned my thinking to the good, there is a subtle shift back to center; a shift back to equilibrium.


  • so many quotes to support the same thought, but the one you used is simple yet more meaningful in reality and practice. get rid of stinkin thinkin! A shift back to equilibrium, like this word, it rolls off the tongue like an ice cube in summer or a lick off a Popsicle, some good things to get rid of stinkin thinkin., sharing a popsicle or an ice cube and life seems centred again.

  • I’m so happy that you are able to use these tools. I’m sure it helps a lot. I understood “Stinkin’ Thinkin’ ” , “Pity Party” and “dry drunk” but was always confused on how to stop it. My head would be filled with what felt like static from a TV. I didn’t want to disappoint or anger anyone so I faked it. It was easier. The groups in my area were similar. The same people went to the same meetings. They were harsh. I enjoyed open meetings that were large the best. My best meetings were when they would bring in a group of women from the Women’s Correctional Facility or even the Men’s. I could relate to their stories without being bothered by anyone else. If that makes any sense? It is the smallest state in the Union so you’re bound to repeatedly see the same people. The same people who tell you that you aren’t really “sober” because you take Antidepressants. Quite a few also thought I should be attending 2 meetings a day while working 50 hours a week and helping my mom as she went through chemo and radiation. When I said this their response was “You found time to drink didn’t you?”. Yup. I was binge drinking at the time when I had a day off. Not that it matters. It all sounded like excuses and I understood that. What they didn’t understand is not everyone is the same and to keep an open mind instead of judging people going somewhere specifically NOT to be judged. Sorry! I’m on my very large soapbox today. But I do know how many people benefit from it. I can acknowledge that.

    • You never have to be sorry for commenting! at least I know you actually read my posts lol. I agree about some folks in as. That’s why I’m not all-in. I go to meetings and I leave. I’ll never get a sponsor and do all the other rigamoral. But I do like the sayings, they can be used by anyone. I dnt Maryland myths smallest? Haha

  • I just had to laugh. That’s a nice one “stinkin’ thinking”

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