My Ruminations: Today Is New Years


Thought I’d create a new section of posts for my blog:  Just Another Rumination.  Simple thoughts and questions that sometimes enter and exit my overactive imagination.

Not trying to be negative, just keeping it real:  So here’s my take on New Year’s:  who cares?  It’s one of the dumbest holidays of the year.  This is when folks get all sentimental about their past year, and/or their year to come.  When they take stock of what they should’ve done, and what they didn’t do.

Yes, of course some do take stock of what they did do.  But I’m all about Carpe Diem:  seize the day.  And no, I don’t judge anyone for using this day to determine their new paths in life.

For me, it’s stupid.  Seems better to me to do this on a day like, say, you’re birthday!  That’s when you can take stock of yourself and what you’ve done with your years.


If I have to listen to one more person talk about their “resolutions,” I might just sock them.  I mean, really?  The first of the New Year is when you’re going to make all these changes?  It’s the magic day that will transform you into finally losing weight, quitting some bad habit, taking up some new good habit?

What’s wrong with doing it right now?  Go to the gym TODAY.  How about making those changes in the middle of the summer?  How about quitting those butts in cold-ass February?  How about not setting yourself up for failure by using New Years as a day that will define your goals?

Happy New Year my ass.  If you want to make resolutions, do it in the here and now.  Live your life one day at a time.  Transform yourself daily.  Don’t write a bunch of crap down on a list and then have the water cooler discussion in March about not following through.

Oh, and have fun watching the stupid ball drop.  One of the dumbest wastes of human time I think I’ve ever heard of.  Don’t get me started on that.

Just another rumination.



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