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My Miscellany: Were I To Date


What would happen if I really wanted to be honest in a search for a significant other, at this tumultuous time of my life?  I think it would be funny.  Here’s what I would put, no holds barred–just for fun.  Imagine if I really posted something like this?  I would love to be a fly on the wall of women reading this online, haha.

“52 year old (well, 53 in 11 days) recovering AQUARIAN (that’s important, right?) alcoholic, who loves Italian Food, seeks mildly insane (female) writer, adventurer, anarchist, sex goddess, Rob worshipper for whirlwind romance.”







So, as you can see I haven’t a pot to piss in or a pot at this particular time.  However, I am dynamic, loving, caring and giving.  I don’t have a problem admitting when I am wrong.  I am a great communicator.

I am a good listener.  I am up for most anything.  If the fact that I don’t have any of the usual “trappings” in life doesn’t bother you well, then I know you certainly aren’t judgmental!  I am not clingy, needy, possessive, insecure, jealous, and I won’t suffocate you so please don’t suffocate me!

We can be together, but you can also have your own life.  As a matter of fact, I encourage it, because sometimes I just want to be with myself.  I spent 16 years between 3 different women having to be the entertainment center.  You can get those at Best Buy now, I’m out of that business.

Of course, I am not in any position to be seeking a significant other right now.  I just thought it would be interesting to lay out the pure facts of where I am at.  I probably won’t be able to be with someone for a little while.  Most of the time I am ok with that.  But, on days like today, it sure would be nice to cozy up to a love and just coexist.

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