Higher Power: Wisdom


Wisdom is different from knowledge, because wisdom has been seasoned by experience.

I accrues based on the trials and temptations you’ve endured and overcome, not from how many books you’ve read or the number of degrees you’ve earned.

When we lack wisdom, we usually lack the ability to suffer through hard times while depending on our Higher Power.

We’re told to ask our Higher Power for wisdom if we don’t have it.  But keep in mind that we may be asking our Higher Power to allow us to endure a trial or suffer a hardship.

Wisdom can certainly be gleaned in other ways, including as a supernatural gift bestowed immediately upon us by our Higher Power.  But usually wisdom accumulates over time, layer upon layer, as we trust our Higher Power to provide for our needs and to see us through challenges.

QUESTION:  What is one of the things your Higher Power has taught you in the past week?


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