Higher Power: Weaknesses


Every day some of us wake up and wonder if we have what it takes to face the day.  We may have a busy day ahead of us, or it might be a pretty empty day. The demands that we face may range from huge one-of-a-kind challenges to absolute boredom.

The apostle Paul felt this way some of the time.  He asked God to take his weaknesses from him. We aren’t told exactly what they were, but his answer from God told him what to do.  “Be glad for your weaknesses!  Brag about them! This is the way I will show myself through you!”

We may feel broken, but God’s power shines through us and brightens the world around us.  If we could do everything ourselves, we wouldn’t need to rely on God.  Today, give thanks for the way God meets you in your struggles.

CHALLENGE:  Text “My grace is sufficient for you” to yourself and a friend whom you know struggles with a weakness.


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