Higher Power: Unplug!


Do you grab your cell phone or your computer the first thing every morning?  Do you panic when you can’t immediately lay your hands on your phone?  We twenty-first-century citizens have become reliant on these devices to help us feel connected to the world.  We are “wired” much of the time, and it contributes to our stress.

We may be connected with the world, but it is hard to find God in the midst of all that media.  God has made us for deep connection with him.  He made us to rest in his presence.  But we feel guilty when we rest, when we do not seem to be busy at something.

When we slow down and spend time quietly with God, we are telling him that we are weak and that we need him.  We cannot connect with him unless we are still and listening.  It is an admission that we cannot live our lives apart from him.

Today, unplug and allow yourself to receive the peace of the Lord.

CHALLENGE:  Unplug from all electronic devices for at least two hours today.


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