Higher Power: The Only Constant


As we fill in our appointments and line up our schedules, we must remember that God ultimately controls our calendar.

Each day we think we know what’s ahead–and often our routine holds to the same pattern.  But when it doesn’t, we may feel disappointed, worried, or afraid of how quickly our lives can change in the course of a day.

Our friend betrays us, the test results scare us, or our boss undermines our performance.  So much can change in a matter of seconds.

But in his Word, God tells us that he’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Not only does he remain the only constant in an ever-changing world, but he also has a plan for our lives.  We may not always be able to see what he’s up to, but we can rest in the security of knowing our future rests in our Father’s hands.

CHALLENGE:  Arrange a time to chat or video talk with a long-distance friend and tell them one thing you really miss about them.


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