Higher Power: Staying Connected


Who knows your secrets?  Who do you trust when you’re in real trouble?  Who helps you when you can’t help yourself?  Friends, family, and confidants are wonderful blessings–and God uses them in our lives in so many wonderful ways.

Sometimes we get so busy that we end up isolating ourselves without realizing it.  We remain connected to others by texting or sending an email, dashing off a twitter or posting a selfie on Instagram.  But rarely do those connections satisfy our souls.

God created us to be in relationships with other people.  Ask him to guide you to the relationships he wants to deepen in your life.  Look for others who share your faith and commitment to God.  And then see how you can bless and encourage one another in the faith.  God doesn’t want you to be alone.

CHALLENGE:  Make it a point to visit a friend or a loved one that you haven’t seen in awhile.

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