Higher Power: Rejuvenation


Texts, emails, video calls, meetings, appointments, driving here and there.  in our nano-paced mega-world, it’s hard to find real downtime when you’re unplugged from your cares and responsibilities both literally and mentally.

But it’s essential, not just for your mind and body but also for your soul.  We need time away from all the usual demands and distractions so we can simply still ourselves before our Higher Power and quiet the chatter in our minds.

One of the best ways to ensure we get the rest we need is to schedule it.  Just like any other appointment, we often need to pencil in time to do nothing!  When we carve out the time and space to rest, our Higher Power refreshes us and renews our energy for the tasks to be done later.

QUESTION:  What do you do to unplug and use time to experience sacred rest?


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